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Shoulder pain or injuries present a unique set of challenges and require a comprehensive plan of care from a shoulder specialist. Fortunately, the comprehensive spine team at Orthopedic Center of Florida offers the latest in both non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical options. Our shoulder team consists of Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeons, who specialize in everything from sports injuries to shoulder arthritis and shoulder replacement.

We treat a variety of shoulder conditions utilizing the latest non-surgical and surgical techniques. Common conditions Orthopedic Center of Florida treats include, Rotator Cuff Tears, Frozen Shoulder, Shoulder Dislocations and Shoulder Arthritis.

Rotator Cuff Tears can be caused by traumatic injury such as a dislocation of the shoulder. However, repetitive motions (especially from sports like baseball or tennis) commonly cause rotator cuff tears. It is important to see one of our Fort Myers, Estero and Naples shoulder doctors at Orthopedic Center of Florida so our orthopedic doctor can efficiently treat the possible rotator cuff tear.

Frozen Shoulder is a loss of mobility or stiffness in the shoulder, usually accompanied by pain in the joint. The exact cause of this condition is not fully understood but is more prevalent in those who suffer from diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Shoulder both affect the joints in the shoulder. Osteoarthritis is a gradual breakdown of cartilage in the joints and can severely impact a person’s lifestyle. It develops with the wear and tear of aging and can result from traumatic injury to the joint. The causes of Rheumatoid Arthritis are not fully understood but may be inherited genetically and environmental factors could play a role in triggering this shoulder condition.

The orthopedic specialists at Orthopedic Center of Florida have designed an entire method to provide the highest level of service ranging from prevention to diagnosis to treatment and to rehabilitation. Our Fort Myers, Estero and Naples shoulder doctors are well versed in treating most any shoulder injury. Our orthopedic specialists work hard to keep you active and healthy!

We tend to underestimate the importance of our shoulders. They are crucial for allowing us a full range of movement with our arms, helping us to do daily activities such as writing, cooking, bathing, and others. When the shoulder is injured, though, these simple daily tasks are suddenly quite challenging. Whether your shoulder pain is the result of an injury or an ongoing condition, it’s important to seek the expertise of a shoulder pain doctor to begin treatment, reducing your discomfort and restoring your quality of life.

Orthopedic Center of Florida in Fort Myers, Estero and Naples is proud to offer some of the most effective and cutting-edge shoulder pain treatment solutions. We are constantly looking for the latest technologies and techniques to diagnose various shoulder conditions and create personalized treatment plans for each patient. Your shoulder pain doctor will be available to you at any time throughout your treatment process, ready to address any questions or concerns you may have.

You can find resources related to shoulder pain treatment. You can view various shoulder conditions, learn more about shoulder exercises, discover what happens during shoulder surgery, and more. Click on any of the Resources links to learn more about the shoulder. We hope that these resources can answer some of your questions about your shoulder discomfort, and we encourage you to reach out and connect with a specialist. 

To learn more about Shoulder treatment options in the Fort Myers, Estero and Naples area, contact Orthopedic Center of Florida.

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