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Thank you for considering Orthopedic Center of Florida (OCF).  Our team of skilled orthopedic specialists are located in Fort Myers, Florida. Orthopedic Center of Florida strives to meet all your orthopedic, pain management, podiatry, and rehabilitation needs. We are committed to providing the utmost care in orthopedic and sports medicine services.  At Orthopedic Center of Florida, you will find an array of orthopedic services such as Digital X-Rays, Diagnostic Testing, Robotic Laser Therapy, EMG/NCV, and more.

Our highly skilled team of Fort Myers orthopedic specialists are focused on service, excellence, and patient satisfaction.  Our orthopedic doctors at OCF work hard to get you active again by ensuring that a patient’s path to recovery continues long after they have left our care.  Mark Farmer, M.D. and John Mehalik, M.D. represent our team of hip, shoulder, and knee orthopedic specialists. Sandra Collins, M.D., Ronald Leavitt, M.D., and Alicia Cowan, M.D. specialize in hand, wrist, and elbow orthopedic conditions. Looking for a foot doctor? We bring the best podiatrists to Southwest Florida, including foot and ankle doctors Andrew Belis, D.P.M. and Patricia Nicholas, D.P.M., who treat all types of conditions for both the adults and pediatrics. Andrew Gross, M.D. and George I. Soliman, M.D. are our pain management specialists at Orthopedic Center of Florida and are trained in Interventional Pain Management and Minimally Invasive Spinal Procedures.  Jaclyn Gorovoy Holt, D.O. is our newest addition to our team of orthopedic doctors. Dr. Holt specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation focusing on designing comprehensive patient-centered treatment plans to maximize function, mobility, and quality of life. Whether your orthopedic concerns are rotator cuff tears, hip replacement, tibial fractures, or you are researching Fort Myers foot doctors, hand surgeons, or wrist doctors, Orthopedic Center of Florida has the perfect orthopedic doctor for you.

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OCF aims to create the medical and technical breakthroughs that deliver the world-class orthopedic, sports medicine, pain management, and podiatry for which we are known. Each of the orthopedic specialists on our staff are highly trained and well respected within their individual field of expertise and represent an important step in your orthopedic recovery.