Orthopedic Center of Florida Foot and Ankle Reconstruction Surgical Fellowship

Number of Positions: One

Program Start and End Dates: July 1 – August 31

Application Deadline: November 1

Program Application: ACFAS Standard Fellowship Application Form

Stipend: $50,000 plus benefits

Position Locations: Orthopedic Center of Florida Clinic, Lee Health System, Gladiolus Surgical Center

Research Requirements:

  • At least one scholarly article submitted to a national journal
  • Monthly journal club article review
  • Poster or abstract presented at the ACFAS Annual Scientific Conference
  • Presentation of case studies or research findings to local component meetings



To offer fellows special knowledge about:

  • Trauma as it relates to ankle, talus, calcaneus, midfoot and forefoot fractures
  • Sports medicine injuries of the ankle with ligamentous injury
  • Advanced arthroscopy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of hallux valgus
  • Digital deformities and their correction
  • Flat foot and cavus foot deformities
  • Foot and ankle arthritis
  • Diabetic foot conditions and Neuropathy conditions
  • Revision surgery, workman’s comp and second opinion care

Fellows gain advanced knowledge in each of these specific areas, not only the basic science understanding the anatomy but the pathophysiology responsible for each of the conditions.

In addition, you’ll get extensive experience in:

  • History-taking of patients with foot/ankle problems
  • Physician examination techniques
  • Radiographic techniques involving fluoroscopy and stress radiography
  • Diagnostic an needle guided ultrasound
  • Advanced interpretation of EMG/NCV, CT scans and MRIs
  • Billing

Fellows will be encouraged to expand their public speaking experience and give lectures at various local and regional foot and ankle conferences and meetings.


The fellowship will include a basic research component, and Fellows will be expected to complete either a clinical or a basic science research project.

Fort Myers Foot Doctors, Dr Andrew M Belis DPM

Program Director:

Andrew Belis, DPM, FACFAS

Orthopedic Center of Florida (OCF)
12670 Creekside Lane
Fort Myers, FL  33919 
 (239) 482-2663 
     (239) 482-7585 

Website:  https://www.ocfla.net/shw_team/andrew-m-belis-d-p-m