Conditions: Pain Management

Every spinal related, neck, shoulder, hand or foot pain condition presents a unique set of challenges and requires a comprehensive plan of care from a pain specialist.  If you recently experienced a car accident, a fall or injury from a contact sport, you could be suffering from Whiplash (CAD Syndrome).  Symptoms include neck pain and stiffness, headache, dizziness, burning sensations or shoulder and back pain.  A hard fall can also result in Compression Fracture of the Spine resulting in a loss of range and motion and reduction of sensation in the extremities.  Both of these conditions can be treated efficiently by our Bonita Springs pain management specialists and Fort Myers pain management specialists at OCF.

Other common and sometimes painful conditions are Herniated Discs and Degenerative Disc Disease.  One with a Herniated disc may benefit from pain relieving medications, corticosteriod injections and/or physical therapy.  With Degenerative Disc disease, bone spurs can form over time that may pinch the spinal cord causing pain, numbness or tingling in the legs.  One with Spondylosis may experience similar symptoms as Degenerative Disc disease.  If you think you may be be suffering from pain from any of these conditions, it is important to call and request an appointment with OCF’s pain management physician.

Orthopedic Center of Florida’s entire method is designed to provide the highest level of service ranging from prevention to diagnosis to treatment and to rehabilitation. Our multidisciplinary team of Fort Myers and Bonita Springs pain management specialists is well versed to fit all of your needs. We work hard to keep you active and healthy!


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