Conditions: Foot & Ankle

Our Fort Myers foot doctors and Bonita Springs foot doctors understand that every foot and ankle condition presents a unique set of challenges and requires a comprehensive plan of care.  Whether you have a sports related injury from overuse or sudden turning of the foot such as an Ankle Sprain, a Stress Fracture or an injury to the Achilles Tendon, all of these can be treated efficiently by one of our Bonita Springs or Fort Myers orthopedic foot and ankle doctors to get you active and back on your feet again.  

Other foot conditions commonly found in women are Bunions and Hammer Toes that can be caused over time by wearing high heels and shoes with narrow toe boxes that force the toe to bend in an abnormal position.  Plantar Fascitis is another common foot condition caused by repetitive stress or excessive tension on the plantar fascia.  People with diabetes should be aware of the Diabetic Foot condition which is a dangerous loss of sensation in the feet caused by damage to the nervous system caused by diabetes.  Preventative care includes scheduling regular foot exams with our Bonita Springs foot doctors and Fort Myers foot doctors and maintaining a proper diet, exercise, medication, and the proper footwear.  

Orthopedic Center of Florida’s entire method is designed to provide the highest level of service ranging from prevention to diagnosis to treatment and to rehabilitation.  Our multidisciplinary team of Fort Myers and Bonita Springs foot doctors is well versed to fit all of your needs.  Our Bonita Springs and Fort Myers foot surgeons work hard to keep you active and healthy!


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